Cider and Wine

Stack Rock Cider- hard cider made with Idaho Apples

Dry Creek     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Crisp and wild, thirst-quenching, complex in spirit and captivating. Farmhouse style

Back Country     $6 glass | $9 bottle
This wild fermented cider uses the natural yeast found in the skins of the apples in fermentation. Sour and dry with unique old-world cider quality.

Hulls Gulch     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Refreshing dry hopped dry apple wine. Flavor and aroma of hops with an easy dry finish. Hops from Mill 95.

Sunny Slope Semi-Sweet     $5 draft glass | $9 bottle
The best of summer’s sweetness in a bottle. Semi sweet American style cider.

Hard Guy     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Apple wine spiced with habanero. Dry cider with just the right amount of heat at the end.

Kin Folk     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Off-Dry Apple, Cranberry and Sage. Beautiful Sage nose with tart cranberry

Skinny Dippin’   $6 glass | $9 bottle
Off-Dry lemon and basil cider with a delightful aroma. Summer in a glass.

River Trip   $6 glass | $9 bottle
Off-Dry, slightly tart black current cider

Heirloom   $6 glass | $9 bottle
Crab-apples and pear give this cider an amazing sweet-tart character. Refreshing and leaves you wanting more.

Snake River Winery

We are no longer affiliated with Snake River Winery but we wish them all the best.

Here is a link to their website if you would like to purchase their wine: