Cider and Wine

Stack Rock Cider- hard cider made with Idaho Apples

Dry Creek     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Crisp and wild, thirst-quenching, complex in spirit and captivating. Farmhouse style

Back Country     $6 glass | $9 bottle
This wild fermented cider uses the natural yeast found in the skins of the apples in fermentation. Sour and dry with unique old-world cider quality.

Hulls Gulch     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Refreshing dry hopped dry apple wine. Flavor and aroma of hops with an easy dry finish. Hops from Mill 95.

Sunny Slope Semi-Sweet     $5 draft glass | $9 bottle
The best of summer’s sweetness in a bottle. Semi sweet American style cider.

Hard Guy     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Apple wine spiced with habanero. Dry cider with just the right amount of heat at the end.

Kin Folk     $6 glass | $9 bottle
Off-Dry Apple, Cranberry and Sage. Beautiful Sage nose with tart cranberry

Skinny Dippin’   $6 glass | $9 bottle
Off-Dry lemon and basil cider with a delightful aroma. Summer in a glass.

River Trip   $6 glass | $9 bottle
Off-Dry, slightly tart black current cider

Heirloom   $6 glass | $9 bottle
Crab-apples and pear give this cider an amazing sweet-tart character. Refreshing and leaves you wanting more.

Snake River Winery- Estate Grown in Idaho

2018 Pet Nat’- $8 glass | $20 bottle Naturally Sparkling Off-Dry crisp and refreshing

2016 Unoaked Chardonnay- $7 glass | $18 bottle European style Chard with a soft texture. Aromas of pear

2017 Chardonnay- $8 glass| $20 bottle Lightly aged in french oak to add toasty vanilla and a creamy mouth feel

2018 Albarino- $12 glass | $26 bottle Notes of lemon, honeydew and grape-fruit

2016 Rose’ SGM     $7 glass | $18 bottle
A blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Mourvedre. Dry, crisp, light bodied with hints of pink grapefruit and strawberry.

2018 Rose’ Cabernet Franc     $9 glass | $23 bottle
Supple and delicate texture, full flavor with notes of citrus, red berries, fresh flowers and a hint of pepper on the finish.

2012 Touriga Nacional     $8 glass | $20 bottle
A hint of licorice on the nose leads to smooth and supple fruity notes on the palate. Beautifully balanced acidity along with a clean finish make this Portuguese varietal hard to resist

2014 Blauer Zweigelt     $7 glass | $18 bottle
A fruit driven, light bodied red wine with soft tannins, pleasant acidity, and intense cherry aromas

2012 Sangiovese     $10 glass | $24 bottle
Concentrated black cherry, ripe plum and almond aromas and flavors. A milti-layered texture leading to a soft finish with a hint of vanilla

2016 Syrah     $10 glass | $24 bottle
A full-bodied expressive of raspberry bramble and spice

2012 Barbera     $10 glass | $24 bottle
This wine starts with plum and cherry aromas and finishes with a crisp fresh bing-cherry note with ample body and a hint of spice

2018 Malbec     $10 glass | $26 bottle
This Malbec has typical dark purple color with medium body and amply tannin, with earthy, woody characteristics balanced by jammy plum notes and a soft texture

2014 Merlot     $9 glass | $23 bottle
Medium bodied with soft tannins and light oak beautifully balance the currant and blackberry notes on the palate

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon     $10 glass | $24 bottle
Dark cherry and plum aromas are balanced with cedar and vanilla from 18 months in small barrels. Ample, well incorporated tannins provide a long lingering finish

2009 Reserve Bordeaux Blend     $13 glass | $33 bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon dominated blend which brings black currant flavors and ripe tannins. The Merlot and Cabernet Franc add roundness and silky texture. The Malbec contributes violet aromas and inky purple color

2012 Arena Valley Riesling     $6 glass | $15 bottle
Off-dry style with firm apricot aromas and texture is nicely balanced by a steely acidity

2010 Late Harvest Riesling     $6 glass | $15 bottle
This 2010 has a limeade nose with a hint of minerals and a honey finish

2014 Orange Muscat     $11 glass | $22 bottle
Semi-sweet, rich creamy texture with wild orange blossom on the nose and a honeyed finish. (Members may only purchase but all are welcome to sample)

2006 Anarquia     $11 glass | $40 bottle
Full bodied yet silky smooth with plum, prune and black cherry nose with ample vanilla and wood from two years of barrel aging

2010 Anarquia Late Bottled Vintage     $11 glass | $40 bottle
Rich with strong oak character. LBV port style aged 4 years in oak barrels vs. the 2 years for the Vintage Port.

10 Year Tawny     $11 glass | $40 bottle
Aged 10 years in oak barrels resulting in a lighter bodied, tawny brick color with strong almond aromas