Stack Rock Cidery

We love hard cider! And Idaho happens to be an excellent area for growing apples. We thought it was time to make a craft hard cider with our own Peaceful Belly spin. Clay has been passionate about using Idaho apples and adding his own special flare. Stack Rock Cidery is now available at the Boise Coop and Farmers Market.


Dry Creek runs like a vein of life through our farm. Spontaneously chaotic to tranquil and meandering; the chorus flanking its sides rejoices at dawn and howls at stardust. The raw nature of Dry Creek is captured in this bottle. A cider for those who forage for a crisp and wild taste; thirst-quenching, complex in spirit and totally captivating, just like our beloved high desert.

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Hard Guy seeks rugged explorers who love to burn and rejoice all on one trail. The unforgiving, hot, desert climb to a pine stippled ridge-line is quickly forgotten in a recklessly fun downhill. This apple wine with spice added is for those who need heat in their lives but also want the reward of a thirst-quenching drink. It’s the perfect ice cold accompaniment of a hot Idaho day filled with rivers, lakes, mountains, and deserts, and plenty of good old-fashioned fun.

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Hulls Gulch is a place attainable to we who are moved by the spirit of exploration. We are in awe of the striking red cliffs, enchanted by tiny waterfalls, startled by rocky canyons, and amused by aspen clusters. Some rush past, soaring on freedom and the adrenaline kick of the terrain, while others move with slow purpose, marveling in wonder at unexpected places. This apple wine with natural flavor is for those who enjoy their own “private” Idaho pace. So refreshing you can glide right through or simply sit back and savor every moment.

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Back Country Wild-Fermented Hard Cider is a toast to all the wild places in Idaho. This unique, hard cider uses the natural yeast found in the skins of the apples in fermentation.


Sunny Slope – Semi-Sweet Hard Cider is the best of Summer’s sweetness in a bottle. Our Farmhouse Style Cider is bottle conditioned and has naturally occurring yeast deposits. Gently pour as to not to disturb the lees. Best stored and served chilled.

River Trip – Semi -Sweet hard cider that has a light scent of blueberry and currant. My daughter and I will pull our boat as close to the shore as we can and pluck currants from their bushes right into our mouths. Currants are everywhere in this amazing state. They are little gems of red, orange, and black. They can be tart or so sweet. Our whole family loves this food of the forest and we behave like bears when we come upon them, filling our mouths.

Kin Folk – Semi-sweet hard cider with cranberry and sage. We all love our houses to be full of warmth and family in fall and winter. This cider goes great with a lovely family dinner and laughter that goes late into the evenings.

Skinny Dippin’ – This lemon basil cider is as refreshing as a high Idaho mountain plunge. One of the best things about Idaho is its swimming holes. In the heat of summer, we search out the ones that are freezing cold and beautifully clear. In the winter, we yearn for the hot springs that we can stay in all day because we don’t want to get out and put our frozen clothes back on.

Heirloom – This semi-sweet cider is made from heirloom crab apples and pear. It is a tart cider made from all crab apple juice and sweetened with pear. It brings one back to a time when crab apples were planted on homesteads to make home cider.