Peaceful Belly Farm

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Peaceful Belly was founded in 2002 by Clay and Josie Erskine. The farm has grown over the years and is now located at Vine and Branch Ranch in Sunny Slope right outside of Caldwell, Idaho.  Peaceful Belly is committed to growing the most wholesome food for southern Idaho. This is our home, our heart, and our community.

We specialize in growing hand-raised vegetables, herbs, flowers, and berries. We believe highly in the integrity of organics and our farm is certified organic through the Idaho State Department of Agriculture. We grow over 180 different types of veggies, most of which are heirloom varieties.

We believe in creating a healthy and sustainable agricultural system with our farming. Our practices include the use of cover crops, compost, drip irrigation, companion planting, and we never use GMO seeds.

Peaceful Belly is not just a farm, but a way of thinking. It is our little piece of paradise.

Join our Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA)for weekly delivery of vegetables through the spring and summer of 2021


“Real peace starts with a full belly of healthy food. From there anything is possible.”