Restaurant Menu

The menu features ingredients straight from the soil on our farm Peaceful Belly Farm, and from other wonderful Idaho Farms: McIntyre Pastures, Meadow Lark Farm, Smith Berry Farm, Malheur Meats, Ballard Cheese, Picabo Desert Dairy, Symms Fruit Ranch, Purple Sage Farms, Kelley Orchards and  Reeds Dairy. We source locally because we believe family farms are the back bone of Idaho and we want it to stay that way.

The recipes and dishes were created by Abby Fuxan, Adeline Forrey and Josie Erskine.

Every meal has a story.  We want you to taste the story of Idaho in our meals from the beautiful soil and water to the hands that raised it. Raise a glass to Idaho Farmers, Ranchers  and Dairy women and men.

Small Plates

roasted garlic broth with melted leek and gruyere strata

charred beets, lemony greens, masala spiced yogurt

danish pearl and cider fondue with roasted pumpkin, potatoes, carrots

house made pita, marinated roasted peppers



Heirloom tomato sauce, baguette

potatoes, onions, carrots, pumpkins with Horseradish cream

radish butter, black garlic butter and herbed butter

pumpkin pie in ginger snap cookie, apple pie in oatmeal cookie, coffee in chocolate cookie