Fall and Winter CSA and Meal Kit

Let your mouth and belly travel the world with us

Let your senses of smell and taste travel the world with us from the comfort of your own home, through our culinary adventure meal kits.  Our meal kits are 80% completed and just need a little help from you to bring them to your plate.   Are you missing trying new flavors and food from amazing cultures?  Have you become a great home chef and want to expand your culinary knowledge?   Do you want to have one night a week in which you get an incredible meal but it only took a few minutes?  Then hop on, and let’s travel and explore our culinary world together. 

Your pilot is Chef Nate Whitley (Chef at the Modern Hotel) and co-pilots are Chef Elizabeth Lambert, Little Chef Tilly Erskine, Artist Daisy Erskine and Farmers Josie and Clay Erskine.  Nate will lead our culinary world travel creating weekly meals from amazing destinations with flavors that bring a smile to your lips, memories of travels past and dreams of travels yet to come.  Elizabeth brings her love of spice and the Erskines brings whimsy and theater.   We will start our adventure the first week of October, in Korea. We will then be off to Morocco, Vietnam, New Orleans, Ethiopia, Budapest, Santa Fe, Prague, Russia and finishing the journey the week before Christmas in Munich.
Your meal suitcase will include written instructions, preparation videos, musical play lists, art, information about the destination, and joy.  The idea of these meal kits is to transport your kitchen, your family, and your mind to a different location for your evening’s meal.  The instructions will be easy and will also show you ways to incorporate your children into helping to get these meals on the table.   The spices and smells will be exotic and transformative but the produce and meat will be local and sustainable.