We will be a vital part of the community.

Our tasting room/restaurant will be temporarily closed to protect the health of our Treasure Valley customers and our employees.

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20023 Hoskins Rd, Caldwell, ID 83607

Our tasting room/restaurant will be closed Starting March 16, 2020 until further notice. We will be taking this measure for the safety of our customers and staff due to uncertainty of Corona Virus. Please consider supporting us by making purchases through our web store.

In times of uncertainty March 15,2020

As I sit here and type, I listen to the voices of people (friends, family and strangers) eat and mingle in our tasting room.  It is a beautiful Spring Sunday morning.  I should feel happy to have a large crowd of people enjoying this space I created but I am afraid.  Going out and tasting Cider and Wine is not a necessary activity.  It is fun and brings such joy, but I feel like I am personally responsible for all the risk and exposure people from the Treasure Valley and people visiting the Treasure Valley get at my place.   This weekend we were packed (this is awesome for us) but no social distancing is happening, and I am worried for my customers and my staff.   We had visitors from Seattle, Portland, Texas, Utah and California.  We had people and children visibly sick visiting the tasting room.  We had customer talking about their recent travels to hot spots for work and explaining that they do not qualify for a corona virus test. Social distancing and not being social in public are difficult.  Humans are social creatures.  I am a social creature. HOW DO WE HANDLE ALL OF THIS?  It is healthy and useful to feel fear.  How we move and act after fear is what matters.  About 3 weeks ago Clay and I decided to try to be part of the corona outbreak solution and not part of the problem.   We do not know what that looks like, but we know if we use that as the measurement for how we move our business through these uncertain times we will be moving in a direction that sits with our morals.  We will be closing our tasting room to the public until we know more about the outbreak and how it will progress in Idaho. This decision is going to take a great hit on us financially.   We have employees that are vulnerable, and we have family that are vulnerable.  It is so hard for us to make this decision.  Many small businesses are in the same place we are.  Please support your favorite small businesses right now.  We could use your support with this hard decision.  Please consider joining our wine, cider club or our Farm CSA and helping us financially weather. 

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Easter Brunch

Come enjoy Easter Morning with us. Easter is a very special day and we want to make a brunch meal you will not forget. We are offering a 3 course brunch. We will not leave out any detail and we have some amazing surprises waiting for you at this brunch. If you love good food and you are looking for a special way to celebrate Easter this brunch is perfect for you. We have limited seating so all seats are the same price. This is a relaxing meal so I would not recommend it for children. Cider and Wine are not included in the brunch price. The menu has not been fully decided but we will be offering a vegetarian option but not a vegan or gluten free option. We will be sitting inside the tasting room, may be chilly. To buy tickets click here

Mothers Day Brunch

Mother’s Day Brunch is a must. We can help the mother’s in your life feel like queens with this 3 course beautiful farm fresh brunch. We are offering a limited number of seats. This ticket is for one seat, sorry no small children special seating. We are creating a beautiful fresh brunch made with all local ingredients. This is a slow relaxing meal and may not be suitable for small children. Cider and Wine are not included in the brunch price. The menu has not been fully decided but we will be offering a vegetarian option but not a vegan or gluten free option. We will be sitting inside the tasting room, may be chilly. To buy Tickets Click Here

Vine and Branch Ranch is an agrarian focused business. We are farmers who create artisan products from the soils we tend to. We aspire to be rooted in the community by influencing regional culinary innovation and maintaining ecological transparency in all our hand-crafted goods and inspirational events. We strive to create an economically sustainable business to educate, entertain and further enhance our beautiful Idaho way of life.

You can come to visit our Farm, Tasting room,  Farm Cafe and experience all we have to offer.  We are open Wednesday to Sunday from noon until 6pm.