We love being a vital part of the community but during this Pandemic we can not, in good conscientious, open our beautiful tasting room to you and your family. We have created other ways that you can bring our farm, flavorful food and cider or wine straight to your front door.

You can join one of our amazing fall and winter projects

Fall and Winter local food CSA. Starting the first week of October and lasting for 10 weeks a beautiful box of fresh, greens local produce, artisan bread, fresh pasta, eggs, salad dressings, local cheese, honey, gourmet mushrooms, ice cream and so much more will be delivered straight to your door. Click Here to Find out more about our Fall and Winter CSA


Culinary Adventure Meal Kits. Let your senses of smell and taste travel the world with us from the comfort of your own home, through our culinary adventure meal kits. Our meal kits are 80% completed and just need a little help from you to bring them to your plate. Are you missing trying new flavors and food from amazing cultures? Have you become a great home chef and want to expand your culinary knowledge? Do you want to have one night a week in which you get an incredible meal but it only took a few minutes? Then hop on, and let’s travel and explore our culinary world together. Click Here to find out more about our Culinary Adventure kits.

Joining our Wine and Cider Club and we will bring it straight to your door.

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Vine and Branch Ranch is an agrarian focused business. We are farmers who create artisan products from the soils we tend to. We aspire to be rooted in the community by influencing regional culinary innovation and maintaining ecological transparency in all our hand-crafted goods and inspirational events. We strive to create an economically sustainable business to educate, entertain and further enhance our beautiful Idaho way of life.